About me

Dream Job Filmmaker – From School Dropout Cable Puller to Event Director with Own Company.

The passion for portraying people has always accompanied Michael. From a young age, he seized every opportunity to create birthday portrait films for relatives and friends. Over the years, he transitioned through various roles, starting from a cable puller to a Steadicam operator in feature films. His education encompassed not only graphic and photographic areas but also business courses, the “International Film School London,” and ultimately earning a master’s degree from the University of Krems.

After his time in the Pro7 team as a cameraman for current affairs and his involvement as a cameraman and image director at major events, he consistently directed his focus towards artistic human portraits and documentaries. With growing success, he founded his own film production company in 2002. The relocation to Zentagasse in March 2012 provided the opportunity to officially register his business as “Michael Kamler – Eine Filmproduktion eU.”

Conducting over 3,000 interviews, ranging from laypeople to prominent figures such as international musicians, the cathedral pastor, or the chancellor, Michael approaches his interviewees with empathy and charm. His confidence and experience resonate with his conversational partners as he skillfully probes to elicit the desired responses.

Thanks to his technical expertise, the ability to grasp connections quickly, and the finesse to seize the right moment while maintaining an overview, Michael acts as a director at events. As a link between the client and technology, he contributes to transforming ideas into impressive reality. Highlights include international grand events like the “Global Forum” with President Heinz Fischer and the “Inauguration Ceremony” with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

However, Michael and his team’s passion lies in playing with memories and historical documents. Under the motto “Humorous – Sharp – Emotional,” they produce personalized portraits and documentaries in the form of short films tailored to the needs of their clients. The result is always as unique as the event, the celebration, life, anniversaries, weddings, products, or the company itself.

Memories come to life, and the audience applauds.

Michael takes pride in each of his products, the satisfaction of his clients, and the ability to put his name beneath them.

As a multiple Vienna state champion and member of the Austrian national team, Michael knows what it means to remain focused and concentrated.

For further details on his career, please refer to this link to his resume.